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Sandra Gayer presents Music Box every Monday 7-8pm with a repeat on Sundays 7-8pm, playing an hour of some of the world’s most famous and influential classical music and examining how it impacts on our modern culture.

As a classically trained soprano singer and pianist, Sandra is the perfect host to guide you through the many genres of classical music including; orchestral, choral and operatic music as well as scores from film and theatre. She reveals some of the stories behind the tracks and examines how the music has been used over the years.

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With a variety of tunes highlighted each week including a featured film and ‘The Original is Always Best’, Sandra ensures that whether you know your Brahms from your elbow or are a complete novice in the classical music world, you’re bound to hear tracks you’ll recognise and love.

So open up the Music Box on RNIBs Insight Radio and relax to some of the world’s most beautiful classical music. Listen to the promo here.

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12th March Track listing

I Know about Love: Do Re Me composed by Jule Styne, Betty Comden, Adolphe Green performed by Spokes Mitchel,

Gassenhawer composed by hans Neusidler performed by Julia Thornton,

Saraband and Variations: Suite in D Minor composed by Handel performed by Julia Thornton,

Solvieg's Song: Peer Gynt composed by Grieg performed by Barbara Bonney,

Main Theme: The Colour of Magic composed by Paul E Francis, David A Hughs performed by Original Soundtrack Recording

Non Mi Dir: Don Giovanni composed by Mozart performed by Dame Jone Sutherland, The Filharmonia Orchestra, Carlo Maria Giulini

On The Street Where You Live: My Fair Lady composed by Lerner, Loewe performed by Jools Holland,

Home and The Heartland: Riverdance composed by Bill Whelan performed by Lisa Kelly

Home coming composed by Caitríona Nídhubhghaill, David Downs performed by Lisa Kelly

Main Theme: The Hogfather composed by Paul E Francis, David A Hughs performed by Original Soundtrack Recording

Aria Della Speranza, Mentre Io Godo In Dolce Oblio composed by Scarlatti performed by Cicilia Bartoli, Les Musiciens du Louvre, Mark Menkauski

Main Theme: Going Postal composed by John Lunn performed by Original Soundtrack Recording

String Quartet Number 22 in B flat major (2), Mozart performed by Frans Schubert Quartet of Vienna,

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