RNIB Connect Radio is currently undergoing changes to improve the accessibility of the website.

We have the following,

Large Text

Our website features three levels of text size, standard, large and extra large.  These are accessed from a static toolbar on the right-hand side of the webpage.  This toolbar will stay in position as you scroll around the site making it easier for you to find when you need it.

High Contrast

For those who find it difficult to view a website with standard colour schemes, we have added a high visibility option which presents the viewer with yellow and blue text on a black background.  This feature is activated on the accessibility toolbar as described above.

Screen Readers/Magnification

The entire website has been built with accessibilty in mind throughout, and is optimised for screen reader users (eg. Jaws, Narrator, Voiceover and Thunder) and screen magnification software (eg. Zoomtext and Supernova).


If you have any questions or issues surrounding the accessibility features on this website, please contact us directly.