Alan George

Alan George was born in Cardiff in the late 1940’s, 3 months premature. 

The younger brother of twins, Alan received intensive neonatal care in which oxygen therapy was used and as a result, Alan became blind due to retrolental fibroplasia.

At the age of two Alan went to a Sunshine Home for the Blind.

Alan continued his education at the schooQl for the blind in Bridgend and, at the age of sixteen, went to Heatherset Centre for the Blind (run by RNIB) for training to find work.

Returning to work in Cardiff, Alan became a telephonist with Barclays Bank and worked with them for the next 35 years, after which he took retirement on medical grounds.

Alan has also spent over 40 years with the South Wales Talking Magazine.

Alan’s interest began when Alan was invited to take part in a discussion on mobility aids for the blind in the early 1970’s.

He obviously made the right impression because, with the help of many other contributors and stalwart engineers, Peter Jones & Ken Green, Alan has been there ever since, interviewing various celebrities such as Stan Stennett and Sir Tom Jones.

Alan fondly remembers meeting Princess Diana when she opened the new South Wales Talking Magazine studio at Shand House, the home of Cardiff Institute for the Blind in 1991.

Alan has had a love of music from the movies for many years, probably due to the fact, that his mother worked in the cinema when she was young and took Alan to the cinema to see many popular films such as, The Sound of Music, The Guns of Navarone, How the West Was Won and The Big Country.

Alan says, ‘I want Sounds of the Silver Screen to bring back many wonderful memories, transporting you to a particular time or place with music that enhances your emotions.’

Alan maintains his love of films through television, keeping up to date with the latest movies whilst enjoying some old favourites.