Craig Morgan

Craig Morgan was born in Caerphilly and is based now in Ystrad Mynach in Wales. His show Guitar Picks is a mix of guitar music of all genres from the 60’s through to the present day and is produced at RNIB Connect Radio’s Cardiff studio.

Craig Morgan’s sight condition is called Peters Anomaly, and is the result of an incomplete separation of the cornea from the iris or the lens, which leads to the cornea becoming either partially or completely cloudy.

In Craig’s case, he was born with both eyes having cloudy corneas. After a struggle to get a consultant to look at his case, as well as being told by several hospitals that there was nothing that could be done, he’s now under the care of the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead, West Sussex and has been going there since just over the age of one year old. After many operations and several cornea transplants, Craig now has some sight in his left eye.

Craig’s interest in radio started at a young age. Craig says, ‘The radio was always on in my house and, after a while, I began to take an interest in how it was all put together.’

In his teens, he started DJing for school discos, weddings and other parties, and that's something he still loves doing now.

Craig says of his show Guitar Picks, ‘I love all kinds of music and want to share my love of anything guitar based with RNIB Connect Radio’s listeners. On the show you’ll here a really broad range of music from the 60s through to the present day, and, as well as some classic guitar tunes,  I always like to include one or two tracks that you may not have heard before.’