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RNIB Newsagent serves as your own personal newspaper and magazine service. Week by week, or month by month, depending on the frequency of publication, you can receive your favourite titles - in either audio CD or digital format.

Subscribing has never been easier – or cheaper!

Our pricing system enables subscribers to pay an individual price for each audio CD publication taken. The price of each publication depends on the frequency of publication, number of CDs per edition and the delivery format. You can subscribe to your favourite monthly publication on CD for just £11.00 a year or your favourite weekly for £21.00 a year. Audio tape is still available - please ask.

Delivery is free if you qualify for the 'articles for the blind' concession. You are also free to change the titles you take whenever you wish, and you can upgrade your subscription to take more publications at any time.

Our online service, which allows you to download publications onto a computer and read them using your own screen reading software to your own PC, costs just £39.00 a year and our audio download service (MP3) costs £59.00 a year.

DAISY disk compilations (which you can use on a Talking Book player) start from £29.00 a year.

For more information on specific prices, take a look at our subscription rates.

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More Information

Our Audio CD service catalogue is now available to order in print and audio CD. The catalogue has been updated and includes all CD titles and DAISY compilations available through RNIB Newsagent. Each title has a short synopsis, so you know what the publication is about and the price is highlighted, so you know how much it will cost.

The catalogue and application forms are available in pdf to download

Download The Audio Version Of The Catalogue 80 mintues MP3/23Mb

Standard Application - For the Visually Impaired PDF/140Kb

Standard Application - For the Physically Disabled PDF/140Kb

Alternatively you can order a catalogue by calling our customer services team on 01435 866102.

Local Talking Newspapers

There are over 500 local Talking Newspapers in the UK, providing audio recordings of local news in a variety of formats. For details, contact the Talking News Federation, at www.tnf.org.uk