Robert Kirkwood

Robert is from Ayrshire in Scotland where he DJ'd, hosted pub quizes, and worked as a ski technician and winter sports instructor for many years, until he decided to go back to study again.  

After graduating with a degree in Media Theory and Production, Robert got a job working for a charity called Listening Books - The National Listening Library, in London's South Bank. He was the Engineer and Producer in charge of Studio 1 at Listening Books, developing audio packages for many commercial companies and recording audio books with a variety of actors and narrators. One of Robert's highlights from this time was working alongside former Controller of BBC1, the late Sir Bill Cotton, producing and directing him as he narrated his autobiography.  

"The show has given me the chance to chat to some of my favorite narrators, actors and engineers from the Camden studios"

After two years, The Director of Listening Books returned to his former job at RNIB as the Manager of the new Digital Talking Books studios, and Robert joined him there as a Studio Engineer. Robert worked with Talking Books in London's Camden Town for a further three years, recording everything from Postman Pat to Charles Dickens, and working with a multitude of wonderful narrators, actors, celebrities and authors.  

When RNIB Scotland started producing books in Glasgow, Robert decided the time was right to return to Scotland and he secured a secondment to the RNIB Scotland transcription centre, recording everything from Scottish Talking Books, to utility bills and, memorably, even an audio guide to medicine for your dog's anus!  

As Insight Radio was on the floor above the transcription centre, he was drafted into doing occasional recording and technical jobs for the station which, over time, became more and more frequent.  

Eventually Robert was asked to stay in Scotland and split his time evenly between Insight Radio and Transcription before finally going full time with in 2007.  

Robert says "Given my history with the Talking Books service, it was an obvious choice for me to do the daily Talking Books programme. The show has given me the chance to chat to some of my favorite narrators, actors and engineers from the Camden studios on air, including Garrick Hagon, Steve Hodson,  Ross Burman and head of the Camden Studios Daryl Chapman. I also get to introduce some great audio books!"