Roger Cole

Roger’s number one passion is music. When he was at school he helped organise the school discos. He says it gave him the chance to come out of his shell and gave him added confidence.

After his school days he continued being a mobile disc jockey which took him through his twenties and into his early thirties. When he was 30 years old he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa: a degenerative eye condition that would eventually leave him blind. So with this news in mind, he decided to concentrate on his day job as an acrylic fabricator and reluctantly turned his back on being a disc jockey thinking his he’d be unable to continue.

Not true of course, and looking back Roger realises that losing his sight wasn't the end of his life; it was the start of a new chapter. So in more recent years he decided to join a local hospital radio station. He says “I enjoyed helping with the live shows and found the training invaluable. The experience reignited my deep passion for music and presenting, so I approached RNIB Connect Radio with a view to doing more radio training and improving my presenting Skills.”

We were delighted to have Roger Cole come on board with his Pure 80s and Pure 70s shows. So, asked why he is so passionate about all-things-80s he answered, “for me, that is the decade I remember most vividly. It was a time of school disco’s, A levels and starting my first job, so I jumped at the chance to co-produce and present my show Pure 80s which focuses on the cool bands and the cutting edge music that emerged during the 1980's.”

Roger says his work at RNIB Connect Radio has changed his outlook on life, “one thing I have learned over the last few years is never give up on yourself and your ambitions. There's always a way to reach your goals… no matter what life throws at you.”