Steven Scott

Steven was born and raised in the Parkhead area of Glasgow before moving to Lanarkshire at the age of twelve.  He has lived with four separate eye problems since he was a baby: optic nerve hypoplasia, which is damage to the optic nerve; nystagmus, which is involuntary movement of the eye; photophobia, which is a condition which makes eyes water in heavy sunlight and colourblindness.  

Steven's parents were against him being educated at a specialist school and they urged the local education authorities to include Steven in mainstream education. As a result, he was educated at a local primary school and then at a main stream secondary school, with support from a good visual impairment unit in the South side of Glasgow. The unit provided pupils with access to a large variety of large print textbooks and computers with the latest access technology, which made a huge difference to Steven's education.  

"I feel I can now freely express my sight condition and talk about it with people around me, without fear of being mocked or ridiculed."

Steven didn't always have an interest in radio. In fact, when he was younger, he was fascinated by photography and cameras and wanted to become a television cameraman.  However, he changed his mind after a work experience visit to his local TV station.  Steven says, "I was so bored!!   It didn't give me any inspiration at all, so I left the dream there!"

Shortly afterwards, he was encouraged to think about trying radio and was introduced to the medium by a blind man called Ian Hamilton, who ran a local hospital radio station. Steven was immediately impressed with what he saw and a love affair with radio was born.  

Steven initially started out learning about the technical side of a radio station, learning how to work the mixing desk, CD players, and audio playout system. He then progressed to presenting his own show, and gained the confidence and experience that led to him securing a late night slot on local radio station Clan FM.  Steven went on to further his experience with a number of different local radio stations including Your FM and Castle Rock FM.  

In 2007, Steven was drawn to an advertisement for a Broadcast Producer at Insight Radio, a new up and coming station for blind and partially sighted people.  Being visually impaired, and having a deep passion for radio, he jumped at the opportunity and when he was offered the position of Broadcast Producer and Presenter of the Early Edition, he was delighted.  

Steven continued to develop the Early Edition and its news content, as well as producing many of the station's features, including jingles and a wide variety of audio features.

Steven says, "Coming to RNIB Connect Radio has really enhanced my life for one simple reason - I feel I can now freely express my sight condition and talk about it with people around me, without fear of being mocked or ridiculed."