Tech Talk - How To Listen

How To Listen To Tech Talk

Tech Talk is the show that features technology news, reviews and more for people living with sight loss.

The show is available on Tuesdays at 1pm, Thursdays at 9pm and Saturdays at 5pm on RNIB Connect Radio which you can listen to on Freeivew 730 and online at or via the Radioplayer app on your smartphone or tablet.

The program is also available as a podcast hosted on Audioboom and delivered to various podcast sites and devices, including iTunes, the Victor Reader Stream, Blaze ET and the Sonata Internet Radio player.

We recognise that there are lots of different apps and devices that can provide podcasts.  If you've got a device we haven't talked about please do let us know.  Email us


There are various ways to listen to the podcast from Audioboom.  You can find Tech Talk on Audioboom by visiting this link:

There are two channels that you can access from this page:

Tech Talk Episodes - Full hour long programme. Updated every Tuesday.

Tech Talk Features - Listen to individual stories, features and discussions from each weekly Tech Talk episode. Updated every week.

RSS Feeds

You can subscribe to the weekly episodes and features using RSS feeds.  This means anytime a new episode or feature is added to the podcast, it'll be automatically downloaded to your device for you to enjoy.

Tech Talk Episodes RSS Feed -

Tech Talk Features RSS Feed -

Please note the feed provided by Audioboom contains an additional S in the link at the beginning (starts with https) which a number of users say doesn't work with certain devices or apps.  The 'S' can be removed from the link and should work properly as provided above.


If you'd like to listen to our podcasts on your PC, Mac or smart device using iTunes you can find out podcasts with these links:

Tech Talk Episodes -

Tech Talk Features -

Humanware Victor Reader Stream

Adding a new podcast feed by choosing from the HumanWare suggested podcasts list

The process of adding a new podcast feed is referred to as "subscribing" to the podcast. With the Online Bookshelf open, press Key 1 to cycle through the various bookshelves until you get to the Podcasts bookshelf.

You will be placed on item 1, which is the "Add podcast feed" item. Press the Confirm button.

You will be prompted "Title search". Press Key 2 to get to the "HumanWare Suggested Podcasts" item. Press the Confirm button.

You will be placed in a list of the podcasts suggested by HumanWare for the currently selected region.

To move through the list of suggested podcasts, use Keys 4 and 6.

To select a podcast and subscribe to it, move to the desired podcast in the list, and then press the Confirm button.

You will now be prompted that you are subscribed to the new podcast feed and the name of the podcast feed will be given.